KAMOKO mönsterkonstruktion was founded 2006 by Karin Sköldengen who has been in the fashion business since 1994. Previously she worked as a patternmaker at two of the leading clothing companies in Sweden. (H&M and KappAhl)

KAMOKO has got long experience of patternmaking and alterations for how to get the best fit. We are well aware of sequence of work in both small and large companies.

Consistent and structural rationalization of patternmaking and technical information is a condition for efficient cooperation with producer and high quality all the way to the customer. It also increases the possibility of reuse for next collection.

Our goal are that those garments the customer brings in to the fittingroom also will be brought with them to the cashier.

Karin Sköldengen

Professional help for textile patternmaking, grading, measurement list, guidelines for how to measure, sample making and fittings KAMOKO mönsterkonstruktion Cell: +46 (0) 70-9181273 karin@kamoko.se