Among the clients there are large companies which has made great impact in the fashion business and also small companies with growing progress development in the fashion business.

It gives a great deal of inspiration to work with professional people and the requirement to provide the best fit is great.

The companies has chosen to work with KAMOKO to provide help for production, such as patternmaking, grading, guidelines for how to measure, sample making and fitting .

KAMOKO has got clients in Sweden, Norway, UK and France.

Large companies with a constant requirement of competence in the subject area and furthermore need assistance in periods of to high capacity of work. Small companies who has got the same needs, but are not able to have a fulltime patternmaker employee. Kamoko can serve as the patternmakingdepartment for those clients.

Kamoko can offer professional and fast service with great knowledge of best fit.

Professional help for textile patternmaking, grading, measurement list, guidelines for how to measure, sample making and fittings KAMOKO mönsterkonstruktion Cell: +46 (0) 70-9181273